3D Filament Center
Rubber 1.75mm
November 15, 2016
3D Filament Center
PLA Special Glow In The Dark 1.75mm
November 22, 2016

PLA 2.85mm


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According to the Spectrum Filaments motto, “even the best 3D printer means nothing without a good filament”.
Using Spectrum PLA Filament you 3D model will obtain:

warping resistance
durability and stability of printout
high quality

PLA is a material that succeeds at printing durable, decorative and solid printouts.
Using PLA from Spectrum Filaments guarantees a stable printout.

PLA advantages:

made from biodegradable materials
printing possible without hot pad
easy separation of the object from the table
high strenghtness
easily in processing
relatively low melt temperature
no shrinkage after cooling
not flammable
completely waterproof

Filament is reeled on the neat, transparent spool.
In the original Spectrum Filaments packaging.
Filament fits to most popular models of 3D printers.

Net weight 0,85kg
Total weight 1,15kg
Diameter 2.85mm
Dimensional tolerance ± 0.05mm
Color Dragon Red, Ivory Beige, Lavender Violet, Lion Orange, Natural, Pink Panther, Polar White, Shrek Green, Silver Star, Smurf Blue, Tweety Yellow.
Printing temperature 195-220°C
Hot pad temperature not needed
Packaging dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 6,7cm
Spool dimensions external diameter – 20cm, internal diameter. 5,2cm, width. 6,7cm
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 9 cm

black, blue, brown, Chocolate Brown, Deep Black, Dragon Red, fire red, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Forest Green, gold, Golden Line, gray, green, Ivory Beige, Lavender Violet, lemon, light green, Lion Orange, Mandarin Orange, natural, orange, pink, Pink Panther, Polar White, purple, red, Rose Red, Rust Coper, Shrek Green, silver, Silver Star, sky blue, Smurf Blue, trans blue, trans green, trans red, Tweety Yellow, white, yellow


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