Why 3D Printing Is The In Thing

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3D printing technology is trending and there is a burst of people getting 3D printers for their personal use of business use. Using this technology shapes you can grow shapes layer by layer without going through the tedious and long manufacturing process. It is amongst the most empowering process that entrepreneurs can get and if you are creative enough, you can become your own boss by investing in a 3D printer and pushing your creativity. But what really makes this kind of printing so popular today?

1. This printing technology allows rapid testing of ideas. This is quite beneficial to engineers, architects and eve entrepreneur because it saves them time they would have otherwise used testing the same ideas using the traditional manufacturing process. 3D printing allows the quick development of prototypes to assist in the execution of ideas.

2. It allows you to stay ahead of competition as a business. This is because of the quick turnaround when working on ideas. You will close in on your desired results and at the same time manage to lower the operating costs. 3D printing makes it possible for you to move in fast and beat competition so you are able to stay afloat as a business.

3. This kind of printing saves money because the prototyping costs are not as high as when going the traditional manufacturing process. The materials needed to make a part are affordable and it does not take anything more to get down working on and producing your prototype. When you choose 3D printing, then you can save up for the actual manufacturing process when you are happy with the prototype. A few dollars is all you need for your prototype compared to the hundreds of dollars traditional prototyping would require.

4. It offers the much needed flexibility in manufacturing. This is because with 3D printers you can perform multiple iterations to your design and also test out the different ideas you have without putting your company account at any sort of risk. All this you can do and at the end of the day still get professional and durable parts. You get to use real PLA and ABS materials to get real parts that you can actually test and fit. They include living hinges, snap fits, clearance fits and dove tails among others.

5. It makes teaching and learning so much easier. This is because teachers are able to physically show what they mean using an inexpensive functional model. The same goes to students who are able to actively think about the things they learn in the classroom by physically putting them together. Iterative designs are able to be achieved because the students get to know about changes that need to be made to improve their designs.

6. 3D printing reduces the costs of mistakes. When designing something, a small error can cost you heftily but when using a 3D printer, you have the freedom to learn by trial and error without any worries. You do not have to worry about costs even when you make mistakes in the design.

3D printing has indeed revolutionized the design and manufacturing process. With reliable 3D printers, you can bring your ideas to life quick and easy.

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